Middle School Spanish Translation

The Spanish version is part of the existing online middle school assessment and can be accessed in the same way that you normally access WARNS.

Once you have started an assessment for a student you will receive language options on the Transition Page (the webpage where you normally hand over the computer to the student).  See FIGURE 1 below where you can select English (the default), Spanish, or both languages.

If you select both languages, the student will be able to select the language they are most comfortable with by clicking on a language toggle button available on each screen – see FIGURE 2 for an example.

Finally, if Spanish is selected, a Spanish language version of the WARNS report will be provided along with the English language version – see FIGURE 3.  Both English and Spanish reports will be available in the same pdf file.

The Spanish translation is the product of multiple rounds of feedback from Spanish speaking school counselors in two districts in Washington State as well a native Spanish speaker here at WSU.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.