WARNS Online Platform

The WARNS instrument is administered through an online platform. When your organization subscribes to WARNS, you may choose one employee to be your Primary User. This user is in charge of supervising the use of the WARNS instrument in your organization. They also have permission to create and manage users, access all data, and other management functions.

Admin Dashboard

WARNS Admin Dashboard, containing six tiles that allow users to view all WARNS data.
The WARNS Online Platform Admin Dashboard

This tile provides a dropdown menu of assessment options. Depending on your subscription, you will see various options for administering the hsWARNS and msWARNS assessments.

Assessment links are permanent or temporary links that can be created to administer the WARNS to large groups of students at the same time. For more information on assessment links, see the training video on our training page.

This tile provides reporting statistics on the assessments that your organization has administered. Report tables are defined for your organization as a whole and any sub-orgs, such as schools, where you are using the WARNS.

Under this tile, you can access any WARNS Report that you have permission to access. All WARNS reports are stored in PDF format, and can be downloaded on demand. You will be able to download an Excel file of all your assessment data in raw form. We do not currently place a limit on the number of assessments you can perform.

Under this tile, your Primary User (and others with this permission) can define and manage users for your organization. We do not currently place a limit on the number of users you may define.

Communication Guidance provides access to the Vignette Library, as well as guidance on how to make use of them in a conversation with a youth. Information is also available on the reporting of the different Needs Scale items.

The My Account tile provides basic account management for individual users, such as changing passwords and email addresses.