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Welcome to the WARNS Information Website

New WARNS Login Page
The WARNS platform has been reprogrammed and will be available for use around October 1, 2022.

Users with IDs for the new WARNS may click on the login button below to get to the new system.

Please see the video recording below from one of our user orientation sessions held on September 22 for the new WARNS software platform.

Timestamps for topics covered in the Orientation video are:

1:30 – Overview
4:18 – WARNS Informational website
5:55 – Log-in Page & Dashboard
7:25 – Start Assessment
18:00 – Student Data
23:00 – My Account
24:30 – Manage Admins
28:40 – Assessment Links
36:35 – Question & Answer

The Legacy WARNS system is still available to log in to and perform assessments until sometime in October.
Data download will remain available on the Legacy system until December 31, 2022.
Legacy WARNS Login Page