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PSSO login page


Included with your subscription is access to the Portal for Supporting Successful Outcomes (PSSO; pronounced pea-so).  PSSO is a dynamic reporting and user management system that improves the delivery of the WARNS assessment to stakeholders. PSSO allows school and agency personnel to make data-driven decisions about students most in need of resources in Washington State and throughout the nation.

PSSO provides stakeholders with the following features:

1.  A nested data collection and management system (e.g., schools within districts within regions).

2.  Multiple user access levels and permissions for data entry, reporting, and management.

3.  Automated reporting on respondent data.

4. The ability to recreate any youth WARNS report.

5. Longitudinal tracking of youth progress with multiple assessments.

4.  A data download feature to allow you to analyze real-time data with your own software.

Your benefits include a variety of access and reporting features. For example, a school counselor will be able to administer an assessment, access individual student records, track progress, and provide reports to administrators.  District users will be able to generate reports and monitor school activity. Only your school or district will have access to your data which will be secured on servers housed at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. Identifiers that you choose to use will be encrypted before being stored in our secure database.

Who can use PSSO?

PSSO provides functionality for a variety of stakeholders and users to administer assessments and report on collected data.  Examples of users who can benefit from PSSO include school counselors, administrators, district managers, ESD managers, truancy counselors, and juvenile justice officials.

Below is an annotated screen-shot from the PSSO platform.